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+ Fascinating selection of images

- A few typographical errors, high price

Rating: ****

It’s been a red-letter year for the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway, thanks to the completion of the new-build Baldwin 2-4-2T No. 7762 Lyn, so what better way of marking the occasion than with a brand-new book, which celebrates everything about this beloved narrow gauge railway?

Tony Nicholson, the railway’s archivist and historian, has dug deep into the archives and unearthed some incredible images of this L&B, from its birth and Edwardian heyday, through to its closure and subsequent resurrection. Many of these photos have never been seen in print before, so even if you’re and ardent L&B fan, you’re bound to learn something new in this fascinating volume.

There’s even a concise history of the line and its evolution, and every caption is packed with detail and information, helping bring the story of the L&B to life. For a railway whose existence pre-dated mass-market photography, the line is remarkably well-recorded, and every chapter in its history is covered.

Were it not for a few printing errors which see some captions divorced from their respective picture, or spread across pages, or the rather high purchase price, this book would achieve full marks. One omission from the chapter dedicated to the revived L&B is Lyn, although that locomotive’s rebirth is extensively covered in Lyn Returns (see SR473), so it’s well worth buying both volumes.

That said, this is one of the best books dedicated to the L&B, and if you buy through the L&B shop, every penny goes to the railway so purchasing this book will help the line continue to resurrect this much-mourned railway.


Price: £45 (plus £10 p&p)


T: 01598 763487


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