Welsh Highland Railway



WHR Driver's Eve View.jpg


+ Excellent footage, insightful commentary

- Little of note

Rating: *****

uiSome driver’s eye views can be exactly that – a camera fixed to a smokebox or cabside, recording the train’s journey. This is so much more.

Taking centre stage is one of the Welsh Highland Railway’ Garratts, with cameras affixed on the cab, in the cab, on the leading water tank, on the running plate… the list goes on.

Video 125 put in an enormous amount of effort to make their videos and it shows. The picture and sound quality is superb, and ITV Wales’ Arfon Haines Davies provides excellent and informative commentary throughout the viewer’s journey along this fascinating line.

The footage is interspersed with lineside and aerial shots to break up the action, showing the WHR at its finest. The fact that Video125 has gone to the trouble of hiring a helicopter (when most aerial views these days are captured by drone) shows the level of their attention to detail. It’s thoroughly commendable.

If you’ve never been to the WHR, or cannot go for whatever reason, this film takes you there and gives you exclusive access to the footplate. What better way to experience this incredible line than from the cab of one of their Garratts?

This is without doubt one of the finest driver’s eye views we’ve ever seen, and whether you go for the DVD or Blu-Ray, you’re in for an absolute treat.


Price: £25 (Blu-Ray) £20 (DVD) (including p&p)
W. www.video125.co.uk
T: 01344 628565


Buy you copy here: http://www.video125.co.uk/acatalog/Welsh-Highland-Railway-HD.html